Attività di progetto

16.1.1 - Work Package 1 - Operational Group Management

ATT1.0 - Operational group creation

This activity consists in the formalization of the group.

ATT1.1 - Partnership meetings
ATT1.2 - Monitoring activity
ATT1.3 - Annual reports
ATT1.4 - Administration and reporting activities

16.1.1 - Work Package 2 - Animation, communication and disclosure of the results

ATT2.1 - Organization of the Focus Group “Communication”

The focus group, coordinated by the led partner, with the presence of all the partners, will be created during the first months of the project. During the meeting, all the communication activities will be explained in order to optimize the following communicative actions and intercept the targets.

ATT2.2 - Web communication
ATT2.3 - Territory animation
ATT2.4 - Activities with schools
ATT2.5 - Project and products promotion
ATT2.6 - Participation to the events of RRN and PEI-Agri
ATT2.7 - Workshop on the administrative and reporting rules

16.2.1 - Work Package 1 - Demo prototype plant for charcoal production

ATT1.1 - Demo prototype plant design

It consists of designing the charcoal plant, comprehensive of eventual permits for the placement of the machinery.

ATT1.2 - Demo prototype plant construction
ATT1.3 - Tests and studies of the plant results

16.2.1 - Work Package 2 - Charcoal market analysis

ATT2.1 - Analysis of the current market

The partner Association PEFC Italy will analyse the charcoal current market at a national and local/regional level. The situation before the start of the charcoal plant will be studied, highlighting eventual missing transparencies in the market and analysing which elements lead the preferences of the consumers in the choice of a product with certain characteristics, also through the individuation and study of existing commercial activities which sell local charcoal.

ATT2.2 - Research of potential purchasers
ATT2.3 - Identification of the minimal characteristics for the large-scale retail distribution
ATT2.4 - Analysis of the real market

16.2.1 - Work Package 3 - Increase of the managed forest areas

ATT3.1 - Study of the possible contractual models

The activity, in its first phase, aims to identify and analyse contractual models capable to connect forest owners and processing companies, and able to satisfy three listed requirements:

  • guarantee a quantitative and qualitative continuity, in terms of offering raw material
  • ensure a higher security of income for forest owners/managers
  • be flexible for answering to the diverse market dynamics

Once analysed the possible diverse contractual models, the national and regional constraints that can represent an obstacle to these types of contracts will be identified.

Meanwhile, the activity aims to provide some evaluations regarding the current local market trends of the main timber assortments.

ATT3.2 - Implementation of possible contractual models

1.1.1 Work Package 1 - Training

ATT1.1 - Forestry license course

It consists of a training course for Forest Operators (basic and advanced course). The value of this activity is to professionally qualify forest operators (employers and employees), both for safety at work and environmental management of forest resources. At the end of the courses, admitted students can enrol to the Regional Register of the Forest Companies.


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